[Domestic Travel] 3 Recommended Travel Destinations to Visit in Spring

The cold season continues, but spring is gradually approaching. Why not start planning your trip before the warm season arrives? We would like to introduce three recommended travel destinations from moln.

Kanagawa Prefecture/Hakone

Hakone, easily accessible from the city center and rich in nature, is the perfect place for a spring trip. We will introduce recommended spots in Hakone.

The Pola Museum of Art, located in Sengokuhara, Hakone Town, is an art museum that displays the collection of the former owner of the Pola Orbis Group. You can enjoy works by Impressionists such as Monet and Renoir, as well as domestic and international masterpieces such as Picasso and Van Gogh.

The Pola Museum of Art's building itself is so beautiful that it has won numerous awards, so even those who are not familiar with art can enjoy just taking a walk in the wonderful space that is in harmony with nature.

There are also cafes and restaurants, so you can feel like you're eating in the forest.

Sengokuhara Susuki Grassland, which can be reached in about 5 minutes by car from the Pola Museum of Art, is also a recommended place for those who want to enjoy nature.

The grassland of Susukino that spreads out at the foot of Mt. Daigatake is bright green in the summer, and golden yellow in the fall, making it a spectacular sight. Every year around March, an impressive field burning event is held to burn dead grass and revive the fields.

If you want to stay the night after enjoying Sengokuhara, we recommend Hakone Retreat .

There are two accommodation facilities: Villa 1/F, which is a completely independent villa style, and Före, which is styled like a Scandinavian resort.Forget about everyday life in a modern space that is integrated with rich nature. You will have a wonderful time.

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Kyoto is a city of history, and no matter how many times you visit, it is a place that is full of flavor and charm.

There are many temples in Kyoto, but Kenninji is one of the most prestigious and is said to be the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto. It is said that Sojun Ikkyu, also known as Ikkyu-san, studied poetry at Kennin-ji Temple.

There are many things to see at Kenninji Temple, but the best one is probably the folding screen depicting the wind and thunder gods. Many people have probably seen the large gold-leafed folding screen depicting the gods of Wind and Raijin, which gives it a somewhat humorous feel.

Kenninji Temple is also known as a temple where you can enjoy a beautiful dry landscape garden.
There are three gardens: Daiyuen Garden, Choontei Garden, and Marusankakushikunoniwa Garden, each of which you can enjoy a different kind of beauty.

How about staying at THE SHINMONZEN while sightseeing in Kyoto?

THE SHINMONZEN, which stands quietly beside Gion Shirakawa, was designed by famous contemporary architect Tadao Ando and others. You can spend a wonderful night in a hotel designed to suit modern lifestyles while remaining faithful to the traditions of the ancient capital.


Nagasaki, which is full of exotic atmosphere, is also full of various tourist spots. In 2022, the Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen Nagasaki route (Nagasaki - Takeo Onsen) will open, making it easier to travel to Nagasaki. When sightseeing in Nagasaki, we highly recommend Kujukushima.

Kujukushima, the westernmost island of mainland Japan, consists of a complex ria coastline and 208 large and small islands. Almost the entire area is designated as Saikai National Park, and more than 80% of the coastline is a precious place that is untouched and preserved as a natural coastline.

There are eight observation decks in Nagasaki City called the Kujukushima Hakkei, and you can see different spectacular views from each location.

In addition to the Kujukushima Eight Scenic Views, Kujukushima Tourist Park's View Hill offers a panoramic view of Mt. Atago, Kujukushima, and Oshima. The park is barrier-free, so even people with strollers or wheelchairs can enjoy the view with peace of mind.

After enjoying the nature of Nagasaki, why not soak in the afterglow at Hotel Tsuki to Umi, which overlooks the ocean?

From the windows of the hotel, which has been renovated to preserve the atmosphere of the former Ikesu Kappo restaurant founded in the early Showa period, you can see the beautiful sea that looks like a painting, and you will have a wonderful night there.

Let's start preparing for the trip

What do you think of the three destinations you would like to visit in spring? This time, we'll be imagining a trip where you can spend a special time that's a little different from any other trip, and we'll recommend some places. We carefully selected the hotels. I hope this will be helpful for your future travel plans.

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