Just like leather products that can be used for a long time with proper care, Moln's suitcases are devised so that they are not called "consumables." In addition to our commitment to quality, we also offer a repair program. A rigorous endurance test is also carried out so that you can spend a long journey comfortably together. Here is part of that test.
1500 drop tests on the handle:
The handle undergoes a durability test under heavy loads when lifting heavy objects.
25 rotation tests on the body:
Luggage checked in on aircraft often undergoes rough handling. We conduct rotation tests to protect your precious belongings.
15km running test on the casters:
Road surfaces around the world are not always smooth.
We conduct tests to simulate travel on rough surfaces.
5000 open and close tests on the zippers:
The zippers, which are used every time you open and close your luggage, also undergo durability testing.
Contact us for inquiries regarding returns and repairs
Because we wish for our customers to keep using what they really like for a long time, we cater to requests for return and repair.
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14-day return guarantee
Product may be returned free of charge for 14 days from delivery. ※Applicable only in Japan
Repair at no cost for 2 years
Product can be repaired free of charge for two years from the date of delivery.
Paid repair support
Parts can be repaired at a cost after the warranty period for no-cost repair has passed, as long as the parts are available.
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