Moln's suitcases are functional, but they have a form that looks as if they were made by a craftsman. We paid attention to the details such as metal fittings, stitching, and belts, and aimed for a design that can be carried naturally like a leather bag that fits in your hand. The color palette is inspired by the colors created by the earth.
2-4 nights
5-7 outfits
2-3 nights
4-6 outfits
PC Pocket
7-21 nights
15-21 outfits
Luggage tag terracottaLuggage tag terracotta
Luggage Tag
This is an original moln luggage tag.
Luggage coverLuggage cover
Luggage cover
This cover protects your suitcase from scratches and dirt.
Travel Organizer M
This is Moln's original inner case. You can organize your luggage with the same textile pattern as the inside of the suitcase.