[Travel] 4 ideas for sleeping comfortably at your destination

Prevent dryness

Preventing dryness while sleeping is important.
Many hotels don't do enough to address dryness, leading to the all-too-common depression of waking up thirsty. In order to relieve the fatigue of your trip and get a good night's sleep, you should take some simple measures to prevent your skin from drying out.

Simply moistening the towel you used for bathing and hanging it somewhere can make a huge difference. The water from the towel will naturally evaporate and spread throughout the room. A glass of water can have the same effect, but something with a larger surface area, like a towel, has a greater effect. If the room is already dry and you want to moisturize it right away, it's a good idea to wave a wet towel around.

If you want to be more elegant while traveling, there are also portable humidifiers available. A simple one weighs about 100 grams, and when opened, it unfolds into layers similar to paper, and does not require a power source. You can humidify the room just by adding water.

If you can't rely on it without a power source, there are also humidifiers that can be humidified using a USB and a plastic bottle. Both can be purchased for around 1,000 yen, so they are recommended for those who are concerned about dry skin. It's also a good idea to wear a mask when you go to bed. This will prevent water from evaporating from your mouth.

Bring your usual pajamas or loungewear

Most hotels provide loungewear, but have you ever felt uncomfortable wearing it or sleeping in it?

I'm very grateful that it's available, but it's one size fits all, so it's very unlikely that it's the right one for you. They are often made to be oversized, and many people find that they shift every time they turn over, which can be bothersome.

To avoid disturbing your sleep due to uncomfortable loungewear, we recommend bringing your own pajamas or loungewear. Even in an unfamiliar hotel room, you can sleep soundly and with peace of mind as long as you wear familiar clothes.

This will help you relax and relieve fatigue, not only when you sleep, but also when you relax in the hotel and watch TV or use your smartphone. If your travel companions do the same, you can enjoy the feeling of a pajama party on your trip, so it's also a great idea for an event.

You may think that you don't like it because it becomes luggage, but if you wear thin pajamas, they don't weigh that much. If you use a travel clothing bag that can be easily compressed by hand, it will be surprisingly compact. And it's more effective than you think, so if you're having trouble sleeping while traveling, please give it a try.

Avoid eating and drinking too much

Avoid drinking and eating too much to get a good night's sleep.
When you have a lot of food in your stomach, your body is working hard to digest it, making it difficult to fall asleep, and in worse cases, it can be difficult to lie down.

Some people sleep as if they are unconscious after drinking alcohol, but it is easy to wake up in the middle of a sleep with alcohol in it, and it is difficult to get a good quality sleep. I understand that you want to play, but please do it in moderation.

However, everyone has had the experience of being so excited while traveling that they end up eating a lot. Food is said to be the most enjoyable part of traveling, and I don't want to give up on it as much as possible. If you want to get a good night's sleep and have energy for the next day while eating your favorite foods, try to save your eating habits until the evening. As night approaches, it's best to be as temperate as possible.

Also, being nervous at a hotel can make you thirsty and cause you to drink too much water. You'll end up getting up to go to the bathroom many times during the night, so be careful. As long as you enjoy a little more, there is no problem since the hotel is dry. It's okay as long as you remember how much you drank.

Please check in advance when booking a hotel

The most important thing is that the hotel is comfortable to sleep in.
Before making a reservation, it's a good idea to search for reviews as well as the official website and reservation site.

For example, you can get information on major factors that disturb your sleep, such as the hotel or surrounding area being under construction, being close to a main road and being noisy, or being in a noisy downtown area. It is also important to know what floor your room is on. Just as the upper floors have higher prices, there is a high possibility that the rooms are quieter and easier to sleep in than the lower floors.

Amenities such as blankets and pillows are also important. Things like how hard the pillows are, whether they accept exchanges, and how the blankets feel. If you feel uneasy after reading this information, please change your hotel or bring in supplies to assist you.

For example, use an eye mask and earplugs to block out light and sound stimulation. If you always fall asleep while listening to something, earphones with noise canceling may be a good option. If you're worried about your pillow, we recommend finding a travel pillow that fits you, or adjusting it with a towel or something similar.

However, if possible, I would like to find a hotel that suits me. Enjoy gathering information as part of your travel preparations.

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