[Rainy day measures] Isn't your suitcase waterproof?

Can suitcases be used even on rainy days?

Suitcases are generally not completely waterproof. There are differences in the level of waterproofness depending on the product, but it is best to assume that no product is designed to be completely safe even if it gets wet in the rain.

The vulnerability of suitcases to rain varies greatly depending on the material they are made of. If your suitcase is made of plastic material such as polycarbonate resin, it will not allow water to seep in as it is watertight , but if your suitcase is made of fibers such as nylon, , If it gets wet in the rain, water will seep into it.

However, no matter what material your suitcase is made of, there is a risk of water seeping through the zipper. There is a gap in the zipper, so please be careful as there is a risk of water seeping into your suitcase during heavy rain.

If it rains during use

If it starts to rain while you are using your suitcase, it is best to wait until the rain stops and take shelter from the rain to keep your suitcase as dry as possible. In some areas, short squalls may occur almost every day.

In that case, it would be helpful to have a waterproof cover for your suitcase. It is wrapped around a suitcase and only the casters and handle can be exposed, so it is not completely waterproof, but it is a good solution in case it rains.

Also, even if you don't use a special cover, you can just put a plastic bag over it to protect it from the rain. It is effective to cover the main unit with a large garbage bag, as it prevents rain from falling on the main unit.

How to care after using it on a rainy day

If you use your suitcase on a rainy day, not only will it get wet, but it will also tend to get dirtier than on a sunny day. After using it on a rainy day, be sure to clean it thoroughly. If dirt is left on the surface, it may not only be difficult to remove, but it may also deteriorate more easily due to bacteria and components contained in the soil and mud.

If the dirt is not too bad, you can clean it by dampening the cloth slightly and wiping it. If the stains are severe, it is effective to dilute a neutral detergent and soak it in a cloth, then wipe gently to remove the stain. Wipe the area where you used the detergent again with a cloth dampened with water to remove the detergent. If your suitcase is made of plastic, using a soft brush will make it easier to remove dirt.

After cleaning your suitcase, make sure to dry it thoroughly. First, wipe off all moisture with a dry cloth. Then leave all zippers open and dry in the shade. If it gets really wet, it will take several days to dry, but drying it in the sun will cause the material to deteriorate. A well-ventilated area will dry quickly and prevent mold and rust from forming. Another good method is to dry it with a fan.

To use your precious suitcase for a long time

We tend to think that suitcases can be used in rain or shine. It makes sense that hard suitcases, especially those made of plastic materials, appear to be completely waterproof. However, please note that suitcases require special care during rainy weather.

Since it is not completely waterproof, exposure to rain may cause it to deteriorate. Furthermore, in the case of heavy rain, there is a risk that water may seep through the zipper and make the contents wet. If it looks like it's going to rain, wrap your suitcase in a plastic bag or special cover in advance to prevent it from getting wet.

However, if you use your suitcase in the rain, it will get wet due to splashes from the road. Road dirt often bounces off and sticks to the product, so it is important to wipe it off and dry it properly after use. If you use your suitcase on a rainy day and leave it as is, it may grow mold, rust, or the material may deteriorate.

However, if you clean it after use and dry it properly, there will be no problem even if you use it in the rain. Keep in mind that suitcases aren't made for rainy weather, so if your suitcase gets wet, take care of it as soon as possible to extend its lifespan.

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