[Train] “Tokyo Metro my!” is a convenient app for moving suitcases.

How to use the app

Tokyo Metro my! App is a convenient app for Tokyo Metro. Examples of how to use it include checking information such as checking operation information, congestion status, train running position, and various other routes.

First of all, when you check the operation status, you can immediately see the operation information for all 9 lines of Tokyo Metro. You can easily find out information such as whether there are any delays or suspensions by using the Tokyo Metro app.

Next, you can see the congestion situation. Depending on the situation, many people may want to avoid crowded lines and trains. However, if you use the app, you can see at a glance the congestion status of the current Tokyo Metro trains. This information can also be used to check available routes and trains to board.

The third use is to check the running position of the train. If you know the departure time but want to know where it is now, you can easily find out.

Fourth, you can check various routes, and you can use it not only by Tokyo Metro but also by taxi and shared bicycles. There are many other useful features as well, so let's check them out below.

How to avoid crowds and take a ride with a suitcase

The Tokyo Metro my! app allows you to see the congestion situation in order to avoid crowds. I explained this point earlier, but in reality, you can check not only the congestion situation of the entire train, but also the congestion situation of each car. Of course, this information is available in real time, so you can see which vehicle is available.

It may also be easier to determine whether the next train is more vacant. What's more, colors such as green, orange, and red let you visually tell how busy the place is, so it's easy to tell which places are empty. Another advantage is that you can check the congestion situation at the ticket gate of the station you plan to use, although it is only at a rough guide level.

An example of how to take advantage of these features is when traveling with a suitcase. If you have a lot of luggage for a trip, business trip, exhibition, etc., getting on a crowded train may make it difficult to get in and out, or in the worst case, your suitcase may get damaged.

However, if you use the Tokyo Metro app to check the congestion status of the cars, you will be able to travel smoothly by choosing the car you want to use or choosing an empty train.

Smooth movement by knowing the location of the elevator

In addition to the usage methods and functions explained above, the Tokyo Metro app also allows you to see the location of elevators. Not only can you understand the structure of the station with functions such as station information and station maps, but you can also use transfer exit guidance, station navigation, and baby metro to confirm the location of elevators.

The transfer exit guide is a function that allows you to check which car is best for transferring, and which car is closest to the elevator and easier to transfer to. On the other hand, if you use station navigation, you can check the route to your destination inside the station. This also allows you to check the location of the elevators at the station.

The most reliable option is baby metro, which shows you routes that are stroller-friendly. You can check if there are elevators or diaper changing spaces, so you can more accurately know where the elevator is.

In addition, smooth metro, which displays barrier-free travel route information, is a function that allows you to know the location of elevators and move smoothly. In this way, you can choose one of the many functions installed in the app to know the location of the elevator and make a smooth transfer.

You don't have to worry about checking available lockers and leaving your suitcase.

The Tokyo Metro app also has a function that allows you to check the availability of lockers. The locker concierge feature displays locker information when you select a station.

The usage status of lockers is displayed there, and a locker icon is displayed where the station map is displayed, and it is displayed as if there are vacancies, few vacancies, or no vacancies. Another feature is that the icons are easy to understand, with green (vacancies available), yellow (few vacancies), and red (no vacancies) displaying.

What's more, it also has a function to filter by locker size, allowing you to narrow down the search for extra-large or large empty lockers where you can leave your suitcase. This feature not only allows you to check the availability of lockers, but also allows you to narrow your search to lockers that can fit suitcases.

Since it is displayed on a map of the station, it can be said that it is convenient that you can easily find out information such as where to go specifically to find a locker. In addition, it is equipped with a function such as the availability of restrooms, so you can see not only the availability of men's and women's toilets but also the availability of multipurpose restrooms. Therefore, the app will be useful even in situations where you use a multipurpose restroom while carrying a suitcase.

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